The Everyday Ageism Project

The Everyday Ageism Project aims to capture people’s everyday experiences of ageism. Research by EURAGE shows that across the European region, ageism is the most commonly experienced form of prejudice, yet relatively little is known about how it is experienced, who experiences it and the situations which may leave people vulnerable to age discrimination.

By providing a safe forum for people to anonymously share their experiences, the project aims to understand the consequences of ageism and the ways that age discrimination can affect people’s everyday lives. We also wish to encourage people to share their stories to show that ageism does exist and that it is a valid problem worth discussing.


Thursday, 28 February 2013

Elderly Disadvantaged by Environment

Patient falls and breaks hip at the hands of inadequate traffic signals

“I witnessed ageism from a green-man crossing signal. It did not happen to me, but it happened to a woman at a road crossing, within the last month. This women was attempting to cross at a crossing but the green man did not give her enough time, subsequently she rushed and fell, breaking her hip.
 [This is ageism because] there was a lack of accommodation to the fact that some citizens cannot move as fast as others.
This made me feel angry, but made the woman feel humiliated.”

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