The Everyday Ageism Project

The Everyday Ageism Project aims to capture people’s everyday experiences of ageism. Research by EURAGE shows that across the European region, ageism is the most commonly experienced form of prejudice, yet relatively little is known about how it is experienced, who experiences it and the situations which may leave people vulnerable to age discrimination.

By providing a safe forum for people to anonymously share their experiences, the project aims to understand the consequences of ageism and the ways that age discrimination can affect people’s everyday lives. We also wish to encourage people to share their stories to show that ageism does exist and that it is a valid problem worth discussing.


Monday, 3 December 2012

PhD Interview

26 year old female experienced ageism in an interview for a PhD

"In an interview for a PhD place the Director of the research degree programme asked me whether my young age (23 at the time) could mean that I wasn't ready for a PhD. I was surprised at the question and felt patronised. I think age is irrelevant when it comes to doing a PhD - relevant factors are things like experience, qualifications and personal attributes."

The Director of research was estimated to be between 55 and 65 years old.

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